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Maintaining a Leather Sofa

Posted on January 20, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Leather can be very difficult to maintain, especially when it is upholstery. In fact, before you buy a leather sofa, you should first understand how to care for it, such as how to use it, and what products to apply to it when cleaning.

Leather is a very popular material to use in sofa’s, and for good reason, but it does have some drawbacks to it. Firstly, you should make sure that it isn’t in direct sunlight, which will cause damage when the sofa is in sunlight for extended periods of time. Many cleaning products which would be fine with cheaper fabrics are not appropriate for leather and will likely cause damage. There are cleaning products exclusively for leather which will ensure that the quality of the leather is maintained.

Avoiding drying out is very important in leather upholstery, as when it gets old and dry, it will begin to crack. When the leather begins to get stiff, it is a good indicator that something needs to be done, and hopefully it will be remedied before it begins to break.

Dirt can also have a deteriorating affect on leather so making sure that it is consistently clean is important; using a damp towel will usually clean it, but then damp can affect the leather as well; another thing to avoid. Do not heat it up to dry it out; just let it air dry after wiping it down with a dry towel.

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