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How Condensation on Walls Affects Your Home and How to Solve it

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 12:31 pm

One of the banes of a home owner’s life can be condensation on the walls. Not only does it look unsightly but it can also cause much more serious problems such as damaged window frames and damp problems. Of course, these problems become worse and worse with time. The best thing to do is to fix them as soon as possible.Below are some of the causes and solutions of condensation on walls and how it can affect you and your home.

The main difficulty in tracing condensation is distinguishing it from penetrating damp. condensation on walls is caused when moisture in the air meets a cold surface. Obviously, rooms where steam gathers – bathrooms and kitchens – are most prone to it, particularly the outside walls, which are more likely to be cold. (more…)

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