An Executive Desk for a Home Office

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Nothing quite brings an executive style quite like a traditional office desk carefully cut by specialist carpenters. The more aged an executive desk is the better, while they tend to be finished with intricate cut out designs and a shined top surface.

If you really want your home office to flaunt an executive style than finishing the wooden desk in a dark brown can be beneficial. Woods which show signs of ages can also actually be beneficial and if you‘re having a custom made office desk you should choose wood with character, like an aged solid oak timber.

There are many different kinds of executive office desks but it’s important to go large if you have the space. These do often contain drawers either side, while there’s room for an executive seat in the middle. It’s a type of desk that can look good with a book on top or a new modern computer, and it’s a table that will really make an office stand on its own.

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