Why You Should Choose Timber Garage Doors

Posted on July 2, 2017 at 11:56 am

For most homeowners in the UK, a garage door represents not just a measure of security, safety and convenience, it also represents the owner’s style and design preference, especially since it dominates the facade of one’s home. For these reasons, it is essential for a prospective buyer to carefully choose his or her purchase. In doing so, the customer will be assured that it will be the one that perfectly complements his or her design and technical preferences. Let us examine the top reasons why timber garage doors are great investments for homeowners.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Timber Garage Doors.
Unparalleled aesthetic appeal
Regarding aesthetic appeal, nothing comes close to the luxury a wooden door evokes. It demonstrates elegance, refined taste and high quality- the main reasons why wooden garage doors are preferred by more affluent homeowners than other materials. Garage doors’ prices (UK) are primarily reflective of this preference in that doors made of timber usually command a higher price. Given that it is a dominant element of a home’s facade, anyone who wants to achieve a complete look for the home will certainly prefer the aged and traditional look of wooden garage doors. In fact, even when the wooden door suffers from minor scratches, these would only add to the old look of the garage door.

Exceptional durability
Although garage doors’ prices (UK) for wooden garage doors are higher compared with other materials, you can be assured of quality and durability. Especially today, manufacturers produce timber doors that have been treated with anti-fungal chemicals to prevent damage. Another advantage of a wooden door is that it can be reinforced with other materials to make it stronger, without affecting its look. In fact, this is quite the norm these days, with steel-reinforced doors appearing in most homes in the suburbs. Moreover, doors made from other materials may have hollow structures that are prone to dents and other kinds of damages.

Value for money
Although some think that timber garage doors are too expensive, you only need to consider the inherent advantages to realize that it offers real value for your money. This may be costly, but you will surely get years and years of usage from such a sound investment. A wooden door, as long as it is maintained properly, will not get easily destroyed or damaged compared with other doors. Likewise, the cost of wooden doors also depends on the other features of the door, such as paneling, custom finish, and safety and security functions. If you are looking to buy a wooden door, it is best to compare garage doors’ prices (UK).

However, just a quick reminder, before going out and making a major investment, be sure to check out all the specifications that you need by speaking with a customer representative. Companies usually provide a toll-free number that you can call. You can also have an expert provide a quote for the entire cost, inclusive of the door, safety gadgets, service for custom paint jobs, and the like. Good luck!

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